President’s Message – Nov. 2013

President’s Message

(November 2013)

We had an incident on skeet field 2 when a pellet ricocheted off of a target and struck a member, who was standing behind station four, in the face. Fortunately no serious injury was inflicted. This is a reminder that safety glasses are to be worn at all time when outside of the club house.

As previously reported, club member Aurelio DeLaRosa has been certified by the State of Illinois as a conceal carry instructor. He is offering the course to club members at reduced rates. Details have been sent in a separate email to club members.

Thanks to Bob Raley for replacing three stressed trees at no cost to the club.

I would also like to thank Gary O’Neill for chairing the election committee over the last several years as he is stepping down. Gino Nizzi has agreed to take over his position. Thanks Gino.

The umbrella heater for the trap shooters located under the overhang of the barn has been fixed. The instructions for lighting it are on the heater. Do not bring the heater into the barn as it will produce unwanted moisture during cold weather. Also be sure to turn it off when done shooting.

The 2014 dues invoices for $125 will be mailed the first part of December. Payment is due by February 1, 2014. There is no grace period as in prior years. Dues received after February 1 will not be accepted and reapplication for club membership ($175) will be required.

There is nothing to report on the handgun range as we are still waiting for more dirt to build the berms.

Club Projects

  • Handgun range – in process
  • Electrical power and cameras for the 5 stand and      handgun range – under consideration

2013 Club Events – all events have been completed

Best Regards,

Sam Valenza

President, Rockford Skeet Club

BOD Meeting Minutes 4 Nov. 2013

BOD Meeting Minutes of 4 November 2013

PRESENT:  Sam Valenza, Larry Ohda, Greg Beylander, Harley Shepherd, Jim Demaria, John Bailey


Approval      of minutes of 7 October 3meeting – Approved 5-0

  1. Treasurers      Report
  2. Club      Projects
  • Hand gun range – In progress, anticipated conclusion in 2014
  • Electric power for 5 stand and hand gun range – on hold
    • Concealed carry – Club member Aurelio Delarosa has been certified by the State of Illinois as a concealed carry instructor and has offered to train club members at a reduced rate. Details to be emailed to the membership.
  1. 2013      Events – all events completed
  2. New      Business
    • Gino Nizzi is the new       Election Chairman
    • Bob Raley replaced 3       stressed trees at no cost
    • Sam Parkinson will be       paid $863.87 for mowing services
    • 2014 dues invoices will       be sent out first part of December. No grace period for 2014.
    • Jim Demaria, Greg       Baylander, and Harley Shepherd will not run for reelection


NEXT MEETING:  4 November 2013

Respectfully submitted:  Sam Valenza, President