BOD meeting minutes Nov. 6, 2012

BOD Minutes of 6 November 2012

PRESENT:  Sam Valenza, Larry Ohda, John Bailey, Sam Parkinson, John Bailey, Greg Beylander, and Jim DeMaria


 Approval of minutes of 2 October 2011 – 6-0

  1. Financial report – accepted, attached by reference
  2. Club Projects
    1. Painting – second coat on trap 1 and 2, skeet 1
  3. Revision of membership process – process reviewed, no changes except safety officers will wear a badge indicating they are safety officers when they are on site
  4. Business cards – available to board members who want them
  5. 2013 elections
    1. Vice- president and Treasurer – 2 year term
    2. 3 directors – 1 year term
    3. President and Secretary – in second year of two year terms
    4. Notify Gary O’Neill at if interested in running
  6. New business
    1. Mowing report – attached
    2. “Braggin Rights” shoot – attached
    3. Open House report – attached
    4. FAQ sheet should be developed for prospective members
    5. Purchase of new skeet remotes @ $600 each – approved 6-0
    6. Paint bathrooms and kitchen – Larry will do
    7. Winter shoot policy – will be restated in newsletter
  7. Business of the members
    1. NRA flag to be purchased and put on flag pole – approved
    2. USflag is now down and being re-sewed
    3. Old birds will not be picked up this spring during clean-up, only every 2 years

 Meeting adjourned at 1000

 NEXT MEETING – TUESDAY, November 6, 2012 at 0900 hours

 Respectfully submitted:  Sam Parkinson, Secretary

President’s Message – November 2012

The Braggin Rights Shoot was held on October 20, 2012. We had 27 shooters take part in this event. The winner was, as always,  George Ketter. Second place was Milt Schwanke and the third place winner was Greg Baylander. Congratulations guys. With George winning this event since its inceptions, we may have to rename the shoot and call it “The George Ketter Barggin Rights Shoot”. Great job George.
Now that winter is upon us the following rules are effective immediately • Trap and skeet fields and sidewalks are to be cleared of snow before shooting. Shovels are outside of the club house and in the storage barn. The snow blower is available for use and is located in the storage barn. Do not shoot on fields that have not been cleared of snow. Doing so will compact the snow and make it difficult to remove. It is everyone’s job to pitch in to remove snow from the sidewalks and shooting fields. • As always, gun cases are not permitted in the club house. Guns will be permitted, but it is strongly suggested that they only be kept inside if it is raining.
Thanks to Sam Parkinson for cutting the grass this past mowing season. He did a great job and saved us a lot of money. He mowed 20 times and in the past we were paying $150.00 per mowing which totals $3000.00. His total bill for gas/oil and labor was $700.00 which saved us $2300.00. Thanks again Sam.
The BOD has approved the purchase of state of the art remote controls for all three skeet fields. The money ($1800) for this project was left over donated funds that were collected for the skeet house renovations. The funds remaining in the donations Capital Account after the $1800 expense is deducted is $2900.00. Of this remaining balance $2000.00 is earmarked for the 5 stand/sporting clays venue. The remaining $978.00 has not designated for a project at this time. More details to follow once the remote controls have been installed.
A propane umbrella heater has been purchased and installed outside of the barn for the trap shooters. This heater is for OUT DOOR USE ONLY. DO NOT use it in the barn. The lighting instructions are on the heater. Just be sure to turn it off when done shooting. If there is interest, one can be purchased for the 5 stand area.
Trap field 2 is now operational.
Best Regards,
Sam Valenza President,
Rockford Skeet Club