BOD Minutes of 8 January 2013

BOD Minutes of 8 January 2013

 PRESENT:  Sam Valenza, John Bailey, Sam Parkinson, Harley Shepherd, Gregg Beylander

ABSENT:  Larry Ohda and Jim DeMaria


Approval of Minutes of 12/4/12  Approved 4-0

  1. Financial Report –  Accepted, attached by reference
  2. Club Projects
    1. 2nd coat of paint on skeet houses – Spring
    2. Painting of clubhouse kitchen and bathrooms – in progress
    3. Electrical power for 5-stand and possible new range – info only, no action
  3. Business cards for board members – available, see John Bailey
  4. 2013 elections – Nominations due by 1 February to Gary O’Neill
    1. Positions open – Vice President  2 year term
    2. Treasurer – 2 year term
    3. 3 Directors – 1 year term
  5. Maintenance on Lawn Tractor has been completed by Meridian Implement
  6. New Business
    1. Hand gun safety class – Since Zoning is approved, classes will eventually be necessary for members
    2. Committee appointed to look into new range cost and rules

                                                              i.      Gregg Beylander – Chair

                                                            ii.      Paul Schueler – member

                                                          iii.      Paul Roney – member

                                                          iv.      Pat Whitehead – member

                                                            v.      Milt Schwanke – member

                                                          vi.      Suggestions may be sent to Gregg Beylander

    1. Report from Gregg Beylander will be forthcoming and attached to minutes
    2. 2013 Events

                                                              i.      Silver Dollar Shoot – May 31 through June 2  (only one shoot this year)

                                                            ii.      Clean-up day – Saturday, 4 May, rain date 11 May

                                                          iii.      Annual meeting – Saturday 23 March

                                                          iv.      Open House – Tentatively 17 August

                                                            v.      Braggin’ Rights Shoot – Tentative 5 October

                                                          vi.      Land Fill Lunch – 10 September

    1. Aged receivables – very few but follow up in progress
    2. 2013 Budget – available next meeting, awaiting final figures from accountants
    3. 2013 Dues status – 130 paid so far

Meeting adjourned at 1000


RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED:  Sam Parkinson, Secretary

President’s Message – Jan. 2013

President’s Message

(January 8, 2013)

If you are interested in running for the Board of Directors for the positions of vice president, treasurer, and three directors or want to make a nomination, please contact Gary O’Neill at 815-877-1337 or e-mail him at Nominations are due by February 1, 2013 and elections will be held in March 2013.

Just a reminder, that the last day to pay 2013 dues is February 1, 2013. Payments received after February 1, 2013 and on or before March 1, 2013 will be assessed a late fee of $25.00. Payments received after March 1, 2013 will not be accepted.

The installation of the new remotes for the skeet fields was delayed. It is now planned to have them up and running in the next week or two.

We have been given the go ahead to install a handgun range by the Winnebago County Board. The Club handgun range committee will be meeting in the near future to discuss and plan the construction. I will keep you informed as plans become firm. If you have any comments or questions, please contact the committee chairman, Greg Baylander at 815-494-7321or email him at The other members of the committee are Milt Schwanke, Paul Schuler, Pat Whitehead, and L.K. Roney.  

Club Projects

  • Second coat of paint on 3 of the skeet houses (one painted last year) – approved
  • Paint bathrooms and kitchen – approved
  • Electrical power for the 5 stand and handgun range – under consideration
  • New badge system – under consideration


If anyone has any suggestions for additional club projects or comments on  the above projects, please let me know.

2013 Club Events

  • Annual Meeting – March 23
  • Spring cleanup day – May 4
  • Silver Dollar registered Skeet Shoot – May 31 thru June 2
  • Open House – August 17
  • Land fill lunch – September 10
  • Braggin Rights Shoot – October 5

Best Regards,

Sam Valenza

President, Rockford Skeet Club