President’s Message – July 2014

President’s Message

(July 2014)

A special committee of club members has been commissioned to study and recommend a go forward plan for the club. Areas to be looked at include preserving the club for future generations, land acquisition to protect our overshoot, and expansion. We are in the very early stages of developing any recommendations and actions. If and when any of this happens, I will let you all know. All recommendation will have to be approved by the Board of Directors.

Skeet field 2 is still down as a result of a couple of broken parts on the high house machine. The parts are on order and should be delivered in the next few days. In the meantime, please use fields 1 and 3.

One of the night skeet lights bulbs is burnt out on field 2. If anyone has access to a bucket truck, please let me know. If not, we will attempt to use the boom lift that is located down in the 5 stand area. The last time a light burned out it cost us about $400 to get a bucket truck out to replace the bulb.

We are thinking about having a “Geezer Shoot” sometime this year. Let Clay Buhler ( or any BOD member know if this is a good idea and if you would be interested in shooting this event. Details are preliminary at this point but it will be for members 55 and older. What does that say about most of our members?

As in the past, I have had to make periodic reminders regarding some of the club rules. No alcohol is allowed on club property. This is a stipulation in our insurance policy. If anyone is caught drinking any alcohol on club property, their membership will be brought before the board of director for review and possible termination. Also, remember to load the houses/machines when done shooting, pickup your hulls, no shot larger than #8 can be used on club property, keep the club house neat and orderly, and be SAFE. That is my spiel for now. Thanks for your cooperation.

2014 Club Projects

  • Handgun range – approved and in process
  • Construction of a 5 stand deck – approved
  • Electrical power and cameras for the 5 stand and handgun range – under consideration

2014 Club Events

  • Landfill lunch – 9/9/14
  • Bragging Rights Shoot – 10/11/14

Best Regards

Sam Valenza

President, Rockford Skeet Club

BOD Meeting Minutes – July 2014

BOD Minutes of 7 July 2014

PRESENT:  Larry Ohda, John Bailey, Sam Parkinson, Clay Buehler, and Terry VanDer Boom’

ABSENT:  Sam Valena and Harley Shepherd


Approval of Minutes of 5/24/14 – Approved 4-0

  1. Financial report – accepted, attached by reference
  2. 2014 Club projects
  3. Handgun range – on hold
  4. 5 stand deck – on hold
  5. Electrical hook up for 5 stand – on hold
  6.  2014 Events
  7. Land Fill Lunch – 9 September
  8. Braggin Rights shoot – Saturday 11 October
  9.  New Business
  10. Special Committee Report – Not available yet
  11. Purchase of S&T land – in committee
  12. Replacement of burnt out light for skeet range – in process
  13. Motion to pump septic system – Approved 4-0
  14. Business of Members
  15. Geezer Shoot – more information to follow
  16. Reimbursement level policy

i.      Board members and committee chairs can expend up to $200 without prior approval

ii.      Members cannot expend any funds without prior approval



Respectfully submitted:  Sam Parkinson, Secretary