BOD Meeting Minutes – Dec. 2013

BOD Minutes of 2 December 2013

Present:  Sam Valenza, Larry Ohda, John Bailey, Sam Parkinson, Harley Shepherd, Gregg Baylander

Absent:  Jim DeMaria


  1. Approval of minutes of 4 November 2013 – Approved 5-0
  2. Treasurers report – accepted, attached by reference
  3. Club Projects
    1. Hand gun range – insurance purchased for $102 per year
    2. Electrical power for 5 stand/hand gun range – laid over
  4. 2013 events – all completed
  5. Conceal carry instruction – use of club and pistol range
    1. First class begins in January, taught by club member
    2. New range, while not completed, can be used for this purpose ONLY
    3. Use of clubhouse for classes will be authorized
  6. Elections for 2014
    1. Office of President, Secretary, and 3 board members seats open
    2. Instructions on how to nominate/run will be published by President
    3. Members interested in running can also check bylaws for more info
  7. New Business
    1. Trap House number 2’s motor is being/has been repaired
    2. 2014 membership letters sent
    3. 5 stand design and cost:  Motion to allocate an amount not to exceed $4000 Motion approved 5-0
  8. Business of members – none


NEXT MEETING:  MONDAY, 6 January, 5:00p.m.

Respectfully submitted:  Sam Parkinson, Secretary

President’s Message – Dec. 2013

President’s Message (December 2013)

It has been another good year for our club. As I do every year, the following are the events and projects that were completed during the year. Events: held an

Open House, Braggin Rights Shoot, and provided lunch for the guys at the Land fill. Projects: Installed new skeet field remotes, started construction on handgun range, created new badges, painted skeet houses, painted bathrooms and kitchens, joined the Illinois Rifle Association, purchased a new Pat Trap, overhauled all skeet and trap machines, established machine maintenance crew, concealed carry instruction for club members, and increased membership to an all time high of 261.

The handgun range is again receiving dirt for the berms. The side berms are about done and the back berm still needs to go higher. It is anticipated that the berms will be completed by the end of this year or in January at the latest. Construction of the shooting stations will begin in the spring with an estimated completion date of early summer. No shooting will be allowed on the range until it is completely done and individual training has been conducted.

As previously reported, club member Aurelio DeLaRosa has been certified by the State of Illinois as a conceal carry instructor.  In January, he will be posting a signup sheet for club members interested in taking the training. Classes will be conducted in the club house and on our handgun shooting range. The range will only be used for concealed carry training and is not open to any shooting until it has been completed. Please note that anyone caught using the range for other than the concealed carry course will be subject to having their membership terminated.

The following winter shooting rules are affective immediately:

  • Trap and skeet fields and sidewalks are to be cleared of snow before shooting. Shovels are outside of the club house and in the storage barn. The snow blower is available for use and is located in the storage barn. Do not shoot on fields that have not been cleared of snow. Doing so will compact the snow and make it difficult to remove. It is everyone’s job to pitch in to remove snow from the sidewalks and shooting fields.
  • As always, gun cases are not permitted in the club house. Guns will be permitted, but it is strongly suggested that they only be kept inside if it is raining.

The 2014 dues invoices for $125 have been mailed. Payment is due by February 1, 2014. There is no grace period as in prior years. Dues received after February 1 will not be accepted and reapplication for club membership ($175) will be required.

A deck for the 5 Stand venue has been approved by the BOD. Construction will start in the spring. We are looking for volunteers to help build it. If you are interested please contact Todd Hendrey at 815-739-6979 or email him at .

Club Projects

  • Handgun range – in process
  • Electrical power and cameras for the 5 stand and handgun range – under consideration

2013 Club Events – all events have been completed

Best Regards,

Sam Valenza

President, Rockford Skeet Club