BOD Meeting Minutes – November 2021

RCS BOD, November 2, 2021                                                                                                        PRESENT:  Sam Valenza, Bill Shold , Al Perry,. Terry VanDanBoom, Randy Scott, Caleb Davis

Todd hendrey.

1.     Meeting called to order at 5:30 by President Sam Valenza

2.     Minutes of September / 2021 – Approved   6-0

3.    Treasurers Report:  Approved, 6-0

    4.    2021 Projects:

a.     Additional concrete work to complete sidewalks on field 1 station 8 to 4 and from stair case sidewalks to semi-circle on all skeet fields. – 8/4/21 Completed

b. level the skeet fields. T.B.D.

c. paint skeet houses. Completed

d. paint propane tank. Completed

e. new skeet markers. Completed

f. access road

. Completed

g. new tractor. Completed

6. 2021 Events.  All events Completed

7. New Business:

1. Virus guidelines – Keep as is.

2. Meeting with NIRPC Board T.B.D.

3. Looking for help with the lawn crew for 2022, in process

4. Skeet league – starts November 27th

5. Silver Dollar Shoot.  T.B.D.

a. Handgun Safety Course –   Josh West from NIRPC   Cancelled

 b. Trap tutorial spring 2022

c. Handgun league Completed

 d. Cathedral Baptist School Trap team, in discussion

I. Bird dog demo, spring 2022

8. Projects for 2022

a. Rebuild trap houses,

b. quote for shed at 5-stand

Meeting adjourned at 6:30

Next Board meeting December 7, 2021                                                                                          Respectfully submitted – Caleb Davis, Secretary

President’s Message – November 2021

President’s Message

(November 2021)

I want to thank George and Sue Ketter for running the handgun league. They did a great job in making it fun and challenging. Let’s hope and beg that they will do another league next year.

The handgun safety course has been cancelled due to a lack of interest. I want to thank Josh West (CEO Northern Illinois Pistol and Rifle Club) for offering to conduct the class. If there is interest in the future, we can plan another class.

The 2022 invoices for due will be mailed during the first week of December 2021. Payment is due by February 1, 2022.

There have been issues with the trap voice calls not responding to voice commands. Randy Scott and Bob Liphart have adjusted all of the voice calls on both trap fields and they are now working fine. There should be no need to call for the bird multiple times. Thanks Randy and Bob.

Bowling pins used for targets have been found on the pistol range. I want to remind everyone that the only targets allowed are paper targets and the club provided steel targets. No bottles, cans, jugs, watermelons, etc. are allowed.

The BOD will be planning for next years projects and events. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The following is a summary of the major projects that the club has done since 2015 to make your club one of the best in the area.

  • Building $4,740.42
    • Toilet $1,150.00
    • Air Conditioner $2,769.21
    • Kitchen Floor $821.21
  • Grounds $45,251.33
    • Sidewalks $23,885
    • Extend parking lot $9,206.40
    • Mower $8,808.93
    • Picnic Tables $ 3,351.00
  • Skeet $45,321.20
    • Promatic Traps $32,695.85
    • Skeet House & Stairs repairs $5,576.35
    • Stair’s Concrete Pads $7,049.00
  • Trap $13,399
    • Pat Trap $8,450.00
    • Voice Calls $4,949.00
  • 5-Stand $7,339.70
    • Traps $4,220
    • Radio Controls $3,119.70

Major Project Spending Total – $116,051.65

Four-Man Skeet Teams: Rockford Skeet Winter League

November 27 2021-February 13 2022
Questions: Chuck Jones 815-275-0090
Each team captain is responsible for fee collection and submitting to the league chairmen.
Please make team checks out to Rockford Skeet Club with 4-Man Winter Skeet on the memo line. All fees collected will be used towards league expenses including awards and activities. Upon fee payment, each team agrees to the following rules:
Rules and Scoring
  • Four shooters will comprise a team. The team must shoot together as a squad with at least 3 members for an event score. One of the four members will carry out the duties of captain
  • All shooters must be members. League fee is $5.00 person (20.00 per team) Member are responsible for logging and paying for targets
  • The handicaps are based on 12 gauge. A smaller gauge may be shot but no special handicapping will be given.
  • Event rounds will consist of one round of regular skeet and one round of skeet doubles at all stations. Each member of the team will shoot 25 regular targets and 25 doubles targets for a 50-target score which is then handicapped. The skeet doubles round will consist of a round of doubles (24) with a single high-house target (1) after the final doubles pair on Station 2. Trap adjustments cannot be made after the start of the event.
  • All NSSA rules apply, except the gun malfunction limit is waived. Try to enlist a puller/score. It is the team/shooters responsibility to verify scoresheet for accuracy and initial prior to leaving the field. The score sheet stands as final record upon acceptance from the puller/referee –
  • Team score for the event round is the sum of the 3 highest handicapped scores. If all four members shoot, the lowest handicapped score is scratched. The maximum team score per event round is 150.
  • Each team must complete at least five event rounds to be included; the maximum team score for the season is 750 (150 x 5).
  • After completing the required five event rounds a team may continue shooting to improve its score. The score of the last re-shoot must stand and any one of the previous scores is to be deleted, maintaining the aggregate score for five event rounds.
  • Team winners will be determined by the total of the team’s best four handicapped scores plus their last shoot handicapped score
Contact Chuck Jones at 815-275-0090, or email him at to sign up.

If anyone is interested in getting certified for the handgun range, please contact Milt Schwanke at

815-988-2278, George Ketter at 815-456-2871, or Caleb Davis at 815-243-1483. You will need to bring a handgun, ammo, eye and ear protection and a $25.00 annual fee.

2021 Club Projects

  • Skeet field 1 cement sidewalk from station 4 to station 8 and walks from all skeet fields high houses to the stairs – completed
  • Skeet and trap House maintenance – Completed
  • Paint propane tank – completed
  • Replace skeet field markers – completed
  • Replace air conditioner – completed
  • Purchase new lawn tractor – completed
  • Build access road – completed

2021 Events

  • All events have been completed

Remember gun safety is our number 1 priority.

Rockford Skeet Club Mission Statement

The Rockford Skeet Club’s objectives are to encourage organized target shooting; to forward the development of those characteristics of honesty, good fellowship, self-discipline, team-play, and self-reliance which are the essentials of good sportsmanship. It is the duty of all members to contribute to the wellbeing, to protect, to grow, and to enhance the club and its members now and in the future.

Best Regards,

Sam Valenza

President, Rockford Skeet Club