BOD Meeting Minutes – May 2024

                                                                     Minutes May 7, 2024

                                                                     Rockford Skeet Club

Present: Sam Valenza, Alan Perry, Bill Shold, Mike Buckman, Steven Wiltgen

The President who noted that the club was financially well-situated, inasmuch as many capital improvements were paid for and the club had about 90k at its disposal.

The club will be closed on May 30 and 31 for installation of the target management system.  Training on system will begin on June 1, and 2 and another session will be held on June 8.

Wiltgen will provide lunch for the work day; the Fun Day will be catered.

The gun raffle will be postponed until the second Fun Day, September 7.

Well drilling will begin in mid to late June.

Respectfully submitted,

Steven Wiltgen,

Recording Secretary Pro tempore