President’s Message – June 2024

President’s Message

(June 2024)

The card target management system has been installed and is operational as of June 1, 2024. If you have not picked up your target card for the new system, please do so as soon as possible. Training to use the system will also be held on Saturday June 8, 15, & 22 at 9:30 am. Please plan on being at the club on one of these dates to get your target card and to be trained.

Card Reader Instructions

  • Target Cards
    • Only paying for 25 targets. Extra targets will be added for broken targets, gun malfunctions, and bad pulls. DO NOT USE EXTRA TARGETS UNLESS THERE IS AN ISSUE. Excess usage will be monitored.
    • Target cards are reusable and will be personalized and assigned to each member. Protect it like you do your credit cards.
    • All targets will be deleted after 8 minutes of no activity on machines.
      • Have team ready to shoot before scanning cards
    • Report lost or stolen target cards to Mike Buckman or a board member
  • No talking on trap lines because targets will be thrown and will run out
  • Loading target cards will require a credit or debit card and a target card
  • To purchase rounds on the kiosk
    • Insert target card into the slot on the left side of the kiosk
    • Enter number of rounds to purchase by using the numeric key paid
    • Tap “add to card” on the monitor screen
    • Tap, insert, or swipe credit or debit card on the credit card reader on the right side of the kiosk
  • Guest targets are to be put on member’s target card
    • Put $5 guest fee in envelope and place in deposit drawer
    • Guests have to sign a waiver
  • Report card reader issues to a BOD member and/or write problem in the Issues Log Book. The log book will be monitored often and timely adjustments will be made.
  • To use pull cords, simply disconnect receiver located next to card reader on each field and plug in the pull cord into the same port. Trap pull cords are in the barn on the wall to the right of the service door. Skeet pull cords are in the high houses.
  • Trap 1 is available using pull cord at this time. Should be fully operational next week.

Rockford Skeet Club will be hosting a club fun day on June 8, 2024 starting at 9 am until around 1 pm. We have invited NIRPC members to join us. All venues will be open. There will be attendance drawings for ammo, a raffle for $1.00 per ticket for10 rounds, and a free lunch. Also, if you break a pink target, you will receive an extra attendance drawing ticket. Please check in at the club house to receive your attendance ticket before shooting. Come on out and join the fun. NIRPC will have their long-range rifle range open on that day and all attendees are invited to bring their rifles and shoot at their range.

I want to thank all that attended and donated their time and effort on club clean up day. The grounds look great. Much appreciated.  

A trap tutorial will be held on June 15 at 10 am. The tutorial will be basic trap shooting instructions including hold points, break points, and foot stance.

It is with sadness that I report the passing of club members Roger Needham and James Larson.

If anyone is interested in getting certified for the handgun range, please contact Milt Schwanke at

815-988-2278, George Ketter at 815-631-9366, or Caleb Davis at 815-243-1483. You will need to bring a handgun, ammo, eye and ear protection and a $25.00 annual fee.

 2024 Projects

  • Install card readers – completed
  • Repair skeet houses

2024 Events

  • Fun days – 6/8/2024, 9/7/2024
  • Tutorial – trap 6/15/24, skeet 7/13/2024, 5 stand 8/17/24
  • Landfill appreciation lunch – 9/20/24

Remember gun safety is our number 1 priority.

Rockford Skeet Club Mission Statement

The Rockford Skeet Club’s mission is to promote clay target shooting and complementary shooting sports. The objectives are to promote those characteristics of honesty, good fellowship, self-discipline, team-play, and self-reliance which are the essentials of good sportsmanship. It is the duty of all members to contribute to the wellbeing, to protect, to grow, and to enhance the club and its membership.

Best Regards,

Sam Valenza

President, Rockford Skeet Club