BOD Meeting Minutes – Feb. 2014

BOD Minutes of 3 February 2014

PRESENT:  Sam Valenza, Larry Ohda, John Bailey, Sam Parkinson, Harley Shepherd and Gregg Beylander

ABSENT:  Jim DeMaria


  1. Approval of Minutes of 1/13/2014 –  Approved 5-0
  2. Financial Report – Presented, attached by reference
  3. 2014 Club projects
    1. Hand gun/.22 rifle range – work in process
    2. Construction of 5 stand deck – will begin in spring
    3. Electrical power for 5 stand and handgun range – under consideration
    4. Security cameras for both – under consideration
  4. 2014 Events
    1. Annual meeting – NOTE – NEW DATE, SATURDAY, 5 APRIL
    2. Clean-up date – Saturday, 5 April
    3. Braggin’ rights shoot – Saturday, 11 October
    4. Landfill lunch – 9 September
  5. Conceal Carry policy –  approved 5-0  (Since concealed carry is now lawful in      Illinois, club members who are residences of Illinois (or any Illinois approved state) and have the appropriate licenses, can lawfully carry a handgun in a concealed manner on club property.  ALL HANDGUNS ARE TO BE CONCEALED AT ALL TIMES ON CLUB PROPERY.
  6. Conceal carry classes – several in process, more scheduled to be conducted
  7. Elections
    1. Nominations are now closed
    2. Ballots will be mailed or placed on the website by 15 February
    3. Voting closes on 15 March.  All ballots, electronic, mailed, or hand carried must be received by that date.
  8. 2014 budget – Approved 5-0.  Attached by reference
  9. Aged receivables – less than $200 outstanding
  10. New business
    1. 2014 membership – still being tabulated.
    2. Website renewal – $296 for three (3) years – accepted



Respectfully submitted:  Sam Parkinson, Secretary

President’s Message Feb. 2014

President’s Message

(February 2014)

2013 was a banner year for the club. Our financial position was the best ever and our membership was at an all time high of 261 members. The end of the year financial reports is posted on the bulletin board in the club house. Below is the Treasure’s report by John Bailey

Treasurer’s Report

2O13 was a great year for the Rockford Skeet and Trap Club. The Board members, President Sam Valenza, Vice President Larry Ohda, Secretary Sam Parkinson, Treasurer John Bailey, Directors Harley Shepherd, Greg Baylander and Jim Demaria are commended on their outstanding fiscal responsibility and 2013 accomplishments.  During the end of the year briefing the Club’s Accounting Firm, Premier Accounting, reported the Club had an outstanding year and a job well done. The Club was seven thousand dollars under budget. When you consider all the 2013 accomplishments, this has been a noteworthy year. There have been so many just to name a few. Upgrade and overhaul of the following has been accomplished: all trap and skeet machines, Club member’s professional skeet and trap machine maintenance training, Skeet house cement walkway, handgun range startup, new skeet remotes, skeet houses second coat of paint, new Pat trap, new skid jack, and establishment of skeet and trap machine spare parts inventory, Those are some, but I’m sure not all of the 2013 accomplishments. Our Treasury is in great shape because of the hard work and dedication put forth by our Members and Board. It has been a pleasure working with a Board which understands the needs of all our shooting disciplines and can allocate funds to these needs and stay within the budget. This year (2014) will be another great year.

John D. Bailey, Treasurer

February 1 was the last date to pay 2014 dues and we had a 92% renewal rate and stand at 240 members. Normally we expect to lose 8 to 10% of our members as a result of moves, deaths, illness, financial, etc. Please note that we will no longer be providing renewal date stickers. You can remove your old 2013 stickers if you would like.

The electronic ballots and paper ballots (for those that do not have email) will be sent Feb. 15 with a closing date of March 15. Results will be announced at our annual meeting on April 5. You might ask why so long between the meeting and the end of the election. Well, I screwed up and not thinking, scheduled a vacation at the end of March. Per the bylaws the meeting has to be held on the last weekend of March or scheduled thereafter to an alternate date.

Harley Shepherd has decided to retire from doing the receivables for the club after accepting this temporary position, eight years ago. Terry VanDenBoom will be taking his place. A transition date has not been set but it will probably be some time after the annual meeting. I will let you all know when the date is set. I and the BOD would like to thank Harley for an outstanding job in keeping our receivables in order which has contributed to our financial success. Also, thanks to Terry for taking on this very important task. I’m confident that we are in good hands.

If you haven’t noticed, the handgun range is really taking shape. The side berms are nearly complete and the back berm should be done soon. Construction of the shooting stations will commence in the spring

Rockford Skeet Club Concealed Carry Policy

Since concealed Carry is now lawful law in Illinois, club members who are residents of Illinois (or any Illinois carry approved state) and have the appropriated license, can lawfully carry a handgun in a concealed manner on club property. All handguns are to be concealed at all times on club property

The following are concealed carry classes offered by Aurelio DeLaRosa. The signup sheets are in the club house on the back counter.

  1. Date: 02/12/2014, Legal 6pm- 10pm, cont. 02/16/2014, Range, 1pm- 5pm = 8hrs. Location: Rockford Skeet and Trap, Rockford, IL. Cost $10
  2. Date: 2/13/2014, 8am– 5pm (8hrs) and cont, Legal on 2/14/2014, 8am- 12pm (4hrs). Location: 3261 Forest View Rd, Rockford, IL, DeLaRosa Submission Wrestling Academy.

Range Qualification 2/14/2014, 1pm-5pm (4hrs). Location: Rockford Skeet and Trap, Rockford, IL.  Cost $200

  1. Date: 2/19/2014, Legal, 12pm- 4pm, cont. 2/21/2014, Range, 12pm- 4pm = 8hrs. Location: Rockford Skeet and Trap, Rockford, IL. Cost $100
  2. Date: 2/22/2014, 8am- 5pm (8hrs) and cont, Legal on 2/23/2014, 8am- 12pm (4hrs). Location: 3261 Forest View Rd, Rockford, IL, DeLaRosa Submission Wrestling Academy.

Range Qualification 2/23/2014, 1pm-5pm (4hrs). Location: Rockford Skeet and Trap, Rockford, IL.  Cost $200

  1. Date: 2/27/2014, Legal, 1pm- 5pm cont. on 2/28/2014, Range, 12pm- 4pm = 8hrs. Location: Rockford Skeet and Trap, Rockford, IL. Cost $100

2014 Club Projects

  • Handgun range – approved and in process
  • Construction of a 5 stand deck – approved
  • Electrical power and cameras for the 5 stand and      handgun range – under consideration

2014 Club Events

  • Annual meeting – 4/5/14
  • Cleanup day – 5/3/14
  • Landfill lunch – 9/9/14
  • Bragging Rights Shoot – 10/11/14

Best Regards,

Sam Valenza

President, Rockford Skeet Club