BOD Meeting Minutes October 2012

PRESENT: Sam Valenza, Jim DeMaria, Harley Shepherd, Larry Ohda, John Bailey, Greg Beylander
ABSENT: Sam Parkinson


1. Approval of minutes of 11 September 2012 meeting. Approved 5-0
2. Financial Report – Presented, attached by reference
3. 2012 Club Projects
• 2nd coat of paint on skeet houses – Larry Ohda will do as time/weather permits
4. “Bragin Rights Shoot – 20 October
• BOD voted to count all three venue scores (75 targets) to determine winner. Approved 5-0
5. Insurance Review – Jim DeMaria
• Property – updated policy. Club refunded $800 + from Insurance Co. as a result of adjustments to policy
• Skeet lights added to policy
• Liability – continued and established with same company. Payment is in the mail.
6. 2013 Registered Skeet shoots
• Silver Dollar – 2 day shoot, dates TBD
7. Business Cards – John Bailey and Sam Valenza will design using John’s program.
8. No response from lead reclamation company as to their intent to reclaim our lead.
9. New Business
• 2013 Election – BOD members to advise their intent to run at the November meeting
• Purchase of blower at a not to exceed price of $300. Approved 5-0
• # 6 shot shells found in the trash. Club rules specify a maximum shot size of 71/2
• Sam Parkinson to review membership procedure
• Sam Valenza to investigate future target prices

Meeting Adjourned at 1000

NEXT MEETING – TUESDAY, November 6, 2113

Respectfully Submitted: Sam Valenza, President

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