President’s Message – June 2020

President’s Message

(June 2020)

The club has been open since May 1 and all seems to be well. I just want to remind you that the club virus guidelines are still in force until further notice. The board asks that all members and guests continue to follow them. The guidelines are as follows.

Club Coronavirus Guidelines

  • Maintain social distancing of six feet
  • Masks are not required but are highly recommended while on club property
  • Wash/sanitize hands frequently
  • When coughing cover mouth and cough into bend in elbow
  • Use the provided wipes/hand sanitizer to clean surfaces and remotes
  • If sick for any reason or someone in your household is sick, and/or have an underlying health condition stay home.
  • No shooting bags are permitted in the club house or on the benches and tables outside. Work from your vehicles.
  • Clubhouse is closed except to use bathrooms and logging rounds. No gathering in the Club house.
  • Bring chairs to sit outside if desired. Club house chairs are not to be used outside.
  • Food is not to be prepared in the club house. Do not make coffee in the club house.
  • Soda and water sales are suspended until further notice. Bring your own water, soda and snacks.
  • If you have hand sanitizers, please bring them with you and use them often.
  • One person only in the machine houses when reloading machines at the end of shooting.
  • Logging rounds options (use your personel pen/pencil)
  • Option 1: sanitize hands before and after recording rounds in log book
  • Option 2: keep a personal log and formally record rounds in log book once a month.
  • Skeet
  • No more than 3 person squads per skeet field with designated puller who is responsible for sanitizing remote.
  • Sanitize the remotes after each use with provided wipes/hand sanitizer. DO NOT remove remotes from plastic bag.
  • Please utilize all three fields to avoid congregating.
  • Trap
  • 5 person squads are permitted
  • Limit interpersonal contact maintaining social distancing when setting up and closing fields.
  • Sanitize remotes before storing with provided wirpes/hand sanitizer
  • 5 stand
  • 5 person squads are permitted with designated puller
  • Sanitize the remotes after each use with provided wipes/hand sanitizer. DO NOT remove remotes from plastic bag.
  • Handgun range
  • An empty lane is to be maintained between shooters.

The parking lot will be seal coated sometime in June. Once I have a firm date, I will notify you as the club will be closed on that day.

Due to the Coronavirus we have had to cancel/reschedule several events which includes the annual meeting, cleanup day, club fun day, registered skeet shoot, and the trap and pistol leagues. Some of these events have been rescheduled and some have been cancelled for the year as shown below in the 2020 club events.

We will be having periodic fun pistol shoots and will be following our virus guidelines with only four shooters in the range building at one time. The first shoot is this coming Saturday June 6 with the first four person squad starting at 9:30 am. If you have not signed up and are interested in shooting this event please call George Ketter at 815-456-2871.

We are also planning to start a trap league in the fall provided the virus conditions are acceptable. I will provide details in the August timeframe. Jeff Celletti, 815-713-6320, is the chairman of the league.


If anyone is interested in getting certified for the handgun range, please contact Milt Schwanke at 815-988-2278, George Ketter at 815-456-2871, or Caleb Davis at 815-243-1483. You will need to bring a handgun, ammo, eye and ear protection and a $25.00 annual fee.

2020 Club Projects

  • Skeet field 1 cement sidewalk from station 4 to station 8 and walks from all skeet fields high houses to the stairs – on hold
  • Rewiring of skeet field 3 as a result of the installation of the new machines
  • Skeet House maintenance – fall time frame
  • Paint propane tank
  • Safety bars on all low house skeet machines
  • Clean out Barn

2020 Events

  • Annual Meeting – cancelled
  • Cleanup Day – rescheduled to 9/26/20
  • Registered Skeet Shoot – Cancelled
  • Club Fun Day – cancelled
  • Landfill Lunch – 9/11/20

Remember gun safety is our number 1 priority.

Best Regards,

Sam Valenza

President, Rockford Skeet Club

Rockford Skeet Club Mission Statement

The Rockford Skeet Club’s objectives are to encourage organized target shooting; to forward the development of those characteristics of honesty, good fellowship, self-discipline, team-play, and self-reliance which are the essentials of good sportsmanship. It is the duty of all members to contribute to the wellbeing, to protect, to grow, and to enhance the club and its members now and in the future.