BOD Meeting Minutes – Nov. 2015

BOD Meeting of 2 November 2015:

PRESENT:  Sam Valenza, Larry Ohda, Randy Scott, Al Perry, Harley Shepherd, Clay Buehler, and Terry VanDerBoom

ABSENT:   None


  1. Minutes of 9/8/15 and & 9/26/15 – Accepted as presented 6-0
  2. Treasurers Report – Accepted as read, attached by reference
  3. 2015 Projects
    1. Hand gun range pulley system – in process – posts installed pulley system in process.
    2. Construction of 5 stand deck – 2 designs under review – construction on hold pending over shoot rights resolution
    3. Cameras for 5 stand and pistol range – Equipment donated installation needs to be scheduled.
    4. Club will order video surveillance signs – Sam to order
  4. 2015 Events
    1. Vintage shoot – 20 June 2015 – Complete
    2. Registered skeet shoot – August 15 and 16, 2015 – Complete
    3. Old Geezer shoot – 5 September – Complete
    4. Landfill Lunch – 8 September 2015 – Complete
    5. Braggin Rights shoot – 17 October 2015 – Complete
    6. Turkey Shoot – 7 November 2015 – information on club bb
  5. New Business
    1. Club offer to S&T to purchase on 5 May 2015 – No formal response from S and T Land Corp

Club team Will continue to pursue meetings between Land Corp and Club team to facilitate discussions. Initial meeting was held but no response to formal offer was received. S&T Corp. indicated the property was not for sale to the club.

  1. Pull cord for Trap Machine: A request was made to have pull cords, separate from the voice activated system, available. Larry Ohda will review club inventory as it was thought we already have some. If inventory does not exist, a vote will be taken at next BoD meeting.
  2. Motion made to add a surge suppressor to the trap machines. Motion passed 6-0
  3. Quarterly board member meeting with Accountants – Tuesday November 3. Sam and Randy to attend
  4. Clay targets will be ordered to arrive early December
  5. Conducted review of Geezer and Braggin Rights shoot summaries – no issues
  6. 2016 Club board elections: Offices of President, Secretary, and at large BoD Directors (3) will be on the ballet. Elections are scheduled for February.
  7. The board reviewed the idea of additional BoD liability insurance for BoD members. Randy Scott will pursue formal quotes and policy.
  1. No other member business.


Respectfully submitted – Al Perry, Secretary