BOD Meeting Minutes – June 2018

BOD Meeting of June 4, 2018

PRESENT: Sam Valenza, Larry Ohda, Al Perry, Harley Shepherd, Randy Scott, Terry VanDenboom,

ABSENT: Todd Hendrey.

Meeting called to order at 5: 15 by President Sam Valenza

Minutes of May 7, 2018 – Accepted as presented 5-0

Treasurers Report:
Accepted as read, attached by reference.

Skeet field landscaping to complete the concrete work on skeet fields will be about $2,000. Complete. Board voted to buy sprinkler to water fields.
Skeet field pads 1, 7, 8 will be painted on all three fields.

Carpet cleaning is scheduled for May 8. Complete.

Club will procure a new outdoor aluminum sign to replace the banner which has been wind damaged. Sign was mounted on garage exterior facing Lindenwood road. Complete.

Decision was made to purge club house of unused kitchen appliances and tableware

2018 Events –Completed dates
Annual meeting – Complete
Spring Clean-up – Complete
Hand Gun shoot – Pistol competition – June 2 event completed
Follow on pistol events are being coordinated by George Ketter
Vintage Shoot/other Gun shoot – June 23
Registered Shoot – July 14 and 15
Geezer Shoot – August 18
Landfill Lunch – September 14
Braggin Rights Shoot – October 6
Turkey’s Shoot – November 10 (Board reviewing event viability)

Thursday night 5 stand shoots have started. Five stand will be open at 5:00ish for during the week shooting. Weekend shooting is being scheduled.

New Business
Skeet and Trap target prices have increased about $1.25 per case. The Board decided not to increase member shooting price of $3.50 per round at this time.

A relook at card reader system occurred. While some of the systems issues had been solved, further review is needed. It is anticipated that a due diligence team will visit other shooting venues to validate viability of system. Northbrook is a likely candidate.
Card reader system is currently on hold and tabled for the time being.

The board discussed the idea of hiring club house cleaning service. The frequency and service requirements will be part of quote process.

Meeting adjourned at 6:10 PM.
Next Board meeting is Monday, July 2, 2018 @ 5:00 PM
Respectfully submitted – Al Perry, Secretary