BOD Meeting Minutes – June 2016

BOD Meeting of June 6, 2016:

PRESENT: Sam Valenza, Larry Ohda, Randy Scott, Al Perry, Harley Shepherd, Clay Beuhler, Terry VanDenBoom
Meeting called to order at 5:35 by President Sam Valenza
Minutes of 7 March 2016, – Accepted as presented 6-0
Treasurers Report: Accepted as read, attached by reference Accepted 6-0.

Financial reporting complete from accountant. Will be posted upon completion of Board review.

2015/2016 Projects
Hand gun range pulley system – in process – working through pulley system design. Design complete will be procuring hardware for completion. (Almost complete; sort of). No change
Construction of 5 stand deck – 2 designs under review – construction on hold pending over shoot rights resolution. No change
Trap field 1 is open. Repair parts for maintenance are on order to complete repair

Handgun training class, Point of Impact, will be offered at the club pistol range June 12. This will be an entry level basic use and safety class. No change
Members $40
Non-members $60
Shirts and t-shirts are available for order. Orders may be confirmed with Randy Scott who will coordinate a new order in future. No Change.

2016 Events – Dates finalized
Spring Cleanup – May – 7. Complete
Vintage shoot – June -18.
Registered Skeet Shoot – August 13-14.
Landfill Lunch – September 16.
Old Geezer Shoot – September 17.
Braggin Rights shoot – October 15.
Turkey Shoot – November 5.

New Business
RSC club board members continue to meet with S & T Land Corp board members improve relations and develop comprehensive plans for club growth. The latest team meeting was February 29 and we will continue to meet the last Monday of each month. May meeting was postponed. No change
Discussions ensued on extending the lease for long term viability of the club on current property. Need vote from Land Corp members to rewrite lease. No change
Any members wishing for topics to be presented or discussed with the teams may present them to Randy Scott, Clay Buehler, Al Perry or Ned Burns. No change

A procedure change was agreed allowing guests to pay directly for rounds shot. Previous policy was that members were required to pay guest costs. New procedure posted. Action complete.

A $300 donation from RSC will be provided to Upland Boy Scout shoot passed with 4-3 vote.

The overshoot procedure was revised and passed 6-0.

Point of Impact has requested holding a CCW class at RSC and is under discussion.
No other member business.

Meeting adjourned at 6:35PM
Next Board meeting is Monday, 11 July 2016 @ 5:30

Respectfully submitted – Al Perry, Secretary