2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

RSC 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes


Meeting was called to order by President Sam Valenza at 9:00am

  • Reading and approval of the 2018 annual meeting minutes
    • Minutes were read by Secretary – Al Perry
  • Treasurer’s report
    • 2018 yearend financial reports – Presented by Treasurer Randy Scott
    • 2019 budget – Presented by Treasurer Randy Scott
      • Both will be posted on club bulletin board
  • 2019 Events:  The following events were reviewed by Sam Valenza.
    • Annual meeting 3/30 –
    • Spring Clean-up 5/4
    • Silver Dollar Shoot  – June 22nd and 23rd
    • Landfill Lunch  –  9/20
    • Bragging Rights shoot  – 10/12
    • Instead of organized shoots throughout the year several lunches will be provided In support of various shooting venues.
      • 5 Stand general shooting – May 18
      • Trap General shooting  – July 13
  • 2019 Club Projects
    • Additional concrete work to complete sidewalks on field 1 station 8 to 4 and from stair case sidewalks to semi-circle on all skeet fields.
      • With current expenditures identified below it was decided to move this concrete work to later in the year. Currently on hold
    • Blacktop area from barn entrance to parking lot.
      • Quotes received and evaluated from William Charles and King Blacktop.
      • William Charles was out to verify the ground could support blacktop without additional gravel support. Blacktop cost is $9,200 and will not require additional support.  The work is being scheduled for May once the asphalt plant can open for season.
    • New skeet machines were purchased and will be installed on fields 1-2 in May schedule to be firmed up as supplier will combine our installation with Northbrook club visit. A third set for use on field 3 was quoted and may be purchased later in this year or early next.  The old machines from 1and 2 will be donated to the Boy Scouts and field 3 for use on 5 stand.
  • New Business –
    • Club members duties and responsibilities
      • As part of his annual speech Sam Valenza reiterated the need for club members to be active in club maintenance and diligent in maintaining a safe shooting environment. Yet again.
      • Trap league to begin 4-17.
      • It was brought up that new electronics were required for five-stand machines.  Caleb Davis and Todd Hendrey were tasked to get a quote for board review.
    • Open discussion
      • Sam Valenza and Al Perry met with Lyle Clem of NIRPC for a status.  The sale is proceeding in conjunction with the terms of the sale agreement.  Lyle emphasized this was a long term effort which may be years in the making. It was agreed that these meetings would continue in the future.
      • It was reiterated that only 8 shot or higher can be used at club.
      • George Ketter presented the idea of a pistol league and would present plan to board for review.
      • Discussion ensued as to whether the pistol range could be used for conceal carry holster pull practice.  The idea was open for further safety review but for now not be allowed except under certain, to be determined conditions.
      • It was suggested that doors be added to pistol range keeping winter weather out.  It will be discussed further with no action at this time.
  • Election Results: Members ran un-opposed.
    • Vice-President: Larry Ohda
    • Treasure: Randy Scott
    • Bod Members at Large:
      • Todd Hendry
      • Harley Shepherd
      • Terry VanDenBoom

No other business was conducted and the meeting adjourned at 9:30 These meeting Minutes were prepared and submitted by Secretary Al Perry