Special BOD Meeting Minutes – Sept. 26, 2015

Special BOD Meeting September 26, 2015:

PRESENT:  Sam Valenza, Larry Ohda (Proxy vote to Same Valenza), Randy Scott, Al Perry, Harley Shepherd, Clay Buehler, and Terry VanDerBoom

ABSENT:   None


This meeting was called to order to vote on the purchase of new 0 turn mower.  The meeting was prompted by the Lawn Crew (formerly known as Sycamore crew) who does the mowing, requesting a larger capacity mower for the property and the down time of the old mower due to maintenance issues.  Quotes on several mowers were received and evaluated. Input on mower type was received from the Lawn crew.  The board voted 6-0 to purchase Toro mower from Lincoln Rent All and Services.

  1. It was also agreed to fix the old mower for backup and smaller mowing use.
  2. In additional business, it was agreed to remove the Small Pepper Popper from use at the pistol range pending further safety review
  3. It was also agreed to move the date of the Braggin Rights shoot to 10-17 as most board members were unable to support 10-10 date.
  4. It was agreed to cancel the October 5 board meeting due to availability of board members and in lieu of the this meeting
  5. No other member business.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 am

Respectfully submitted – Al Perry, Secretary